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Secondary Fertility

The silent voices. You probably fell pregnant easily the first time and have had every expectation of having your second child as and when you decide to, but nothing happens. The friends you have made with your first child are all growing their families - but nothing is happening for you. People tend to say - at least you have one child. Unlike first time fertility disappointment, the secondary problems don't seem to have a voice to be heard. Some women will have had a traumatic birth experience, they will have experienced the stress of being a first time mum, and usually their relationship with their partner has changed - does the mind effect the physical body? I firmly believe it does!

Case Studies

sharron (2)

After having our first child, I figured falling pregnant with the second child would be easy, however after a year of trying there was still no joy. I had also started to have very bad PMS, which was lasting two weeks rather than two days. I felt as though my hormones were out of control. I decided to contact Jeanette and give reflexology a try, especially as I wanted to avoid medication. Jeanette explained the theory behind reflexology, and carried out the first treatment early August.

A couple of days later I had a massage. Within a week, I felt much better, calmer and more in control of my life. I had my second treatment at the end of August, then, in mid September, I found out I was pregnant. I continued to have treatments throughout my pregnancy. I believe that reflexology really helped to put my hormones back in balance allowing me to fall pregnant with my second child.
~ Sharron

Jeanette Wallis

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Thank you for your reflexology before I conceived Daisy and helping me relax and enable my body to be ready for pregnancy. I feel very lucky to have been blessed with a fourth child at 46 years. A much wanted child and a second child for my husband. Having had no problem conceiving the other girls I felt that my age was not helping so went to see my GP and then a consultant. Their view was why did I want another child at 46, that in their opinion it was very unlikely I would conceive naturally as my fertility would not be so high and I would not be releasing such good quality eggs at ovulation.

However, I always felt that I was meant to have another child and my prayers were answered. Jeanette helped me to remain positive and I definitely felt less anxious around the time of ovulation. Blood tests confirmed that I was ovulating properly every month and my hormone levels were good.

The pregnancy went very well but Daisy took time to come and my consultant was not keen for me to go over my dates. I persuaded the to let me go a week over and then worried that I’d have a C section or be induced if she didn’t come within that week. Jeanette saw me three times to help to bring on the labour and after each session I felt calmer and less stressed. I was getting very worked up about the birth and hospital intervention as the others had been very straight forward and natural births – my last was a water birth and it was a wonderful experience. Jeanette was able to relax my whole body and although I knew that Daisy was not down enough or ready for birth my mind was more focused and positive about the birth process.

I was induced when 9days overdue and it was not as bad as I anticipated. I managed the contractions and labour very calmly and positively and was able to move about. Once the cervix had thinned out, my body took over and the labour was in fact fairly quick – just over 5 hours. I felt wonderful afterwards and very grateful to have such a healthy little one to complete our family.
~ Celia

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