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Pregnancy Wellbeing

Reflexology is a wonderful treatment during pregnancy. Regular sessions throughout pregnancy support and assist a healthy passage through to preparation for labour and birth. It alleviates any conditions such as backache, nausea, odema, improves circulation, lymph flow, balances blood pressure and more. Known to assist in turning breech babies and many other known conditions. In my practice I see many women who are past their delivery dates - reflexology is a gentle way of nudging the baby to assist the start of labour.

Case Studies

Gillian (2)

I had reflexology with Jeanette in my last month of pregnancy. I found the sessions so relaxing and a wonderful preparation for the birth of my baby son. I had treatment when my baby was overdue and am convinced that is what helped me go into labour naturally later that day and progress quickly to have a lovely normal delivery.

The treatment prepared my body for the birth and was extremely beneficial to me personally, especially the relaxation and visualization aspects. I have continued having monthly treatments since the birth of Adam – they are a special time for me to relax in-between a hectic life with 2 young children. I would highly recommend Jeannette.


Jeanette Wallis

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32.5weeks and close

When I first went to see Jeannette, I had a 5yr old son and had benefitted from reflexology through his pregnancy. Jeannette brings far more than reflexology, through her compassion, intuition and NLP training and has made a real difference to me. As I talked and explored how I felt with Jeannette over time I realised how many emotional blocks there were for my husband. It helped me say things and work these through in my relationship.

After conceiving, we were shocked to discover it was twins. Jeannette has supported me through bad morning sickness, extreme anxiety, constipation, hip and back pain as well as oedema. She has helped me stay as healthy as possible through a tough pregnancy. Having struggled to get my head around twins I am now excited and looking forward to their arrival, though I’ll need a bit more reflexology and time with Jeannette to stay as pain free as possible and to help me face the birth positively!

~ Caroline

mini (2)

I first went along to see Jeanette when I was 35 weeks pregnant with my first child, I am extremely sceptical in relation to anything alternative and this was no exception . There were 3 of us from an NCT group of 7 that decided to go have reflexology in order to try to alleviate the ailments we were experiencing in the final weeks of pregnancy and also to encourage the babies to arrive on time. I really wasn’t convinced that this would work, but I was to be pleasantly surprised ! Jeanette managed to help with the troublesome heartburn and reflux that I had been suffering with for weeks and also help alleviate pain in my pelvis and back that had been troubling me through her use of reflexology. All 3 of us from the NCT class that went to see her had our babies on our due dates and in my case I was a day earlier, pretty unusual when we were all first time mums and been told to expect to be late, which the others were.

I am now expecting baby number 2 after nearly a 5 year gap and have been seeing Jeanette again for the past four weeks. I am 36 weeks pregnant and confident that she can work her magic again. I would encourage all expectant mothers to see Jeanette. Her ability to help you to focus on what’s important, her personal and unobtrusive approach provide the basis of strong trust between therapist and client which lead to you feeling confident that you can cope with anything that may crop up in labour. A truly gifted person but also someone that becomes a valued friend.

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