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After Miscarriage

Who can explain what it feels to have had a miscarriage - or multiple miscarriages? Only the individual who has been through the pain and sadness knows what that feels like. You never forget the loss of that unborn child but as time moves on others around you do. I have a positive approach and way of supporting women to believe that their bodies will not keep letting them down. I help women move on and help to rebalance their mind and body. From experience and feedback, my treatment does bring about the difference that makes the difference.

Case Studies

sarah (2)

When I started seeing Jeanette, in 2001, I had experienced two miscarriages and also had a condition of the pituitary gland, which requires medication to balance my hormone levels. The two were unrelated to each other, but nevertheless heightened my awareness of the need to get my body ready for a baby. Jeanette was always professional, as well as friendly and compassionate. She is knowledgeable about the issue of fertility, but she is also really interested in people and, it was Jeanette’s empathy that meant I invariably ended up talking right through the sessions, which is undoubtedly part of the process. Jeanette makes you feel that she has all the time in the world for you, which is a gift in today’s busy society.

I became pregnant in the summer of 2002 and saw Jeanette right through my pregnancy. I felt supported and relaxed and the result was a healthy baby girl, Isabella, in March 2003. Things have now progressed and my second daughter, Gabrielle, was born in July 2005. I love being a Mum and am grateful for the role Jeanette played in encouraging that opportunity. My only disappointment is that I’m now too busy for regular reflexology sessions!

~ Sarah

Jeanette Wallis

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jeantte-rob (2)

After a late miscarriage I was recommended to visit Jeanette for reflexology. Her care, warmth and compassion were just what I needed. I felt calm and more confident. Before I met Jeanette I had struggled to find any physical or mental after care for the loss of our baby. The healing I received gave us the confidence to try again. Less than a year later my husband and I were blessed with our daughter Grace who is such a wonderful gift. I have recommended family and friends to Jeanette who have all had happy endings to their amazing journey.

~ Jeanette

32.5weeks and close

When I first went to see Jeannette, I had a 5yr old son and had had 3 miscarriages, one late at 16 weeks which was particularly traumatic. I had benefitted from reflexology through my son’s pregnancy and knew I needed support next time I was pregnant. Jeannette brings far more than reflexology, through her compassion, intuition and NLP training and has made a real difference to me. When I couldn’t hold onto the positive, she would remind me of the differences and help me to focus on these. After usually getting pregnant quickly, it was taking longer this time and I started to wonder if it would ever happen.

As I talked and explored how I felt with Jeannette over time I realised how many emotional blocks there were for my husband and I after all we had been through around pregnancy. It helped me say things and work these through in my relationship. After conceiving 6 months later, we were shocked to discover it was twins and Jeannette has supported me though bad morning sickness, extreme anxiety, constipation, hip and back pain as well as oedema. Having struggled to get my head around twins I am now excited and looking forward to their arrival, though I’ll need a bit more reflexology and time with Jeannette to stay as pain free as possible and to help me face the birth positively!

~ Caroline

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